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A warm hi to every music lover around, music to me is food for thought and soul for life, i can't imagine a melodyless life and this blog is for everyone who share the same thought.

Nowadays, with the innumerable free mp3 music download sites avaliable on the net, it seems that all the songs and music videos we always wanted are available on our fingertips and on our mp3 players but more often than not the process of hunting down the desired mp3 music turns out to be a treachorous task and we end up getting nothing but frustration. Nowadays Cheap Mp3s as well as free ones are available widely on the net.

After having spent years on the internet i have been able to shortlist the genuine sources of online free mp3 music download that offer a wide range of high quality English and Bollywood songs available for download and i'll be more than happy to share them with the users of this blog to prevent them from the strenous task of finding music of their choice as i understand that the whole process often overshadows the actual joy of listening to it.

So Finally Here i Go.....!!!!

(1) I would like to begin by one of my favourite site, mag4you, that has one of the most comprehensive collection of free mp3 music available on the net, though the bit rate might seem less to some critical users but the size of the mp3s is also very less which makes downloading a less time consuming job and the difference in sound quality due to lesser bit rate is negligible and cannot be picked up easily. It has a huge collection of most English and Bollywood songs and also of a few albums and artists. The Bollywood mp3s are divided based on the movie in which they appeared so be sure to know the name of the movie as there is an alphabetical catalogue of almost each and every, new and old bollywood movie.

All in all a great site and specially for all those who love old bollywood music, which is generally difficult to find.

The link to the music section is

Method to download songs from mag4you

Please keep in mind that to be able to download an MP3 song into your hard drive or into your mp3 players, you must first download and install any Download Manager.

Also upgrade your Windows Media Player with the latest version. After installation it will ask you to set it as a default player for mp3, wma and other formats, you can uncheck .mp3 and .wma from the list. If it does not, you can uncheck them yourself by loading the Media Player and from Tools >> Options >> File Types.

Also you can add .mp3 and .wma formats in your Download Manager if they are not already listed by loading the Download Manager and from Tools >> Options >> General Tab.

Please do not use right click and "save target as" as it will only download .htm files and not the .mp3 song.

(2) After mag4you i come to papuyaar, another site in my favourites list.
This one unlike mag4you provides very very high quality mp3 (though not equivalent to what you get when you buy mp3 music) and you can be assured to get all the latest Bollywood songs and Albums as soon as they are released.
It has certain sub-categories namely, Music by artists, Bhagnra mp3s, Exclusive singles and promo songs, Ghazals, Instrumentals, mp3s from all latest and relatively old bollywood movies, songs from old bollywood movies and finally pop songs. So you can imagine the database that they have !! Apart from songs this site also offers a lot of other features such as Bollywood gossips, celebrity wallpapers and a few videos (trailers and promos) amongst the main content. The size of the mp3s available here are relatively high as compared to the previous site.

A must visit site for anyone having an ear for music !!

The link to the music section is

But when you go the page mentioned above do remember to check out the links given on the left side of the page as they contain the complete list of the type of music they display. Also remember that for download only one mp3 file at a time is available for free mp3 music download unlike the multiple file download feature that is available for those who buy mp3 music but you can always download numerous mp3 files one at a time.

(3) Another good free mp3 music download site is here you will be able to find quality music (again not as good as you get for when you buy mp3 music) for a wide range of genres and for various moods. To be precise there list consists of Indian Movie Songs, Indian Pop & Remix, Bhangra Songs, Most Wanted Paki Pop, New Pakistani Pop, Paki Underground Bands, Exclusive Live Sessions, Pakistani Drama Songs, Rukhsati / Vidai Songs, Pakistani Ghazals, Pakistani Qawalis, Arabic Songs, Pop Songs, Legends, Traditional Songs, Remixes and National Songs. Now thats some variety Huhh !!!!!! Apart from the free mp3 music download stuff these guys have put up a unique feature in the form of the information they provide regarding various film stars, they offer the date of birth, address and even telephone numbers of most bollywood stars, so you might want to check it out !!!!!

(4) Apart from latest bollywood mp3 songs many people are also interested in simultaneously watching the video. The site offers free mp3 music download and apart from that it also gives you the opportunity to watch the music videoas as well, this site though has limited number of mp3s and music videos but is very reliable in terms of availability of latest movie songs and it is being constantly updated and upgraded, so do watch out for it.

(5) A site dedicated to Indian bollywood music is here you can find all sort of indian music ranging from hindi movie mp3s to pop, remix, punjabi, ghazals and much more. Though the list of movie mp3s is not up to date with the latest releases as compared to some of the previous mentioned sites but downloading mp3s is simple and fast and a good choice for someone looking for simple and convenient hassle free experience.

(6) Another superb link for those searching online music is it offers all the latest mp3s for Indian movies, Pop and remix albums, Pakistani pop, Gazals and a also has a very interesting legends collection which features all time music legends, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mageshkar, Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali khan. These guys update there site very regularly and you wont miss any latest mp3 which you are looking. To add to their already impressive database they have other attractions such as wallpaper, ringtones and online games !!

(7) Recently i came across another good site providing some very desirable music files including video files. They have a nice database catalogue divided under the following categories -:

Latest & Block Buster Bollywood Music Hits, Old Indian and Pop Music, Pakistani Pop and Oldies, Ghazals & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Latest & Block Buster Bollywood Video Songs, Latest Indian & Pakistani Pop Video Songs. In most cases the music need that you have is fulfilled by the nice collection present on this site.

(8) And finally, for the lovers of old, classical and regional music is the best place to be. It is a very very unique site in terms of the content that it offers. It has the rarest of rare collection of songs . Though it does have a listing of Pop and Remix but it is its classical and old song collection that makes the site desirable by many. It has a good variety of Gazals and Indian classical music and the old songs they are really OLD starting from the early 1940s and they do cover some of the finest songs ever produced by the indian cinema industry. They are very poetry based and have a light soothing music unlike the high beat music of present days the old music relies more on the quality of voice and power of lyrics. The songs are also classified according to music directors, and you find some legendary ones in the list, and also according to the singers and again you find some big names. The regional music comprises of that from different states of India - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya to name some.

(9) Apart from the sites mentioned above i would also like to make a note of the sites that offer to BUY CHEAP MP3 and you pay negligible amount for excellent quality of music with an extremely high bit rate. Each and every variety or genre is available on these cheap mp3 sites namely, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop,, alternate, indie, hard rock, metal, r&b, soul, urban, electro, dance, country, latin the list goes on and on !!!!

These sites though charge you some amount but provide excellent quality of music and moreover its a hassle free process and you get to choose from what you like. Often when you could not find your favourite mp3 you BUY MP3 MUSIC them so why not purchase online in a completely legal and enjoyable process !! These BUY CHEAP MP3 sites provide excellent service and payment is done online so you dont have to bother about going to a shop and purchasing mp3s you can do it at the comfort of your home. Two such site that offer to BUY CHEAP MP3 MUSIC are given below &

So if you are in a mood to BUY MP3 MUSIC then you know where to go !!

I hope that this list of selected URLs and their detailed description prove helpful to the needs of the many people yearning to find their desired choice of good quality music from the ocean of sites on the internet. I will try and update the blog as regularly as i can, let me know of any particular need if you have and i will try to respond to it as soon as possible.

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